Peace Symbol and Dove Jewelry

 Perfect for Peace Groups and Fundraisers

Cast of lead-free Pewter.*
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Colors vary on computer monitors:
All Peace and Dove jewelry is silver-colored Pewter, except one pair of gold-plated earrings.

Peace Sign Pin and Necklace Pendants

 Large Pin

 Large Pendant

  Medium Pendant 29mm

 Crafty Pendant 28mm

 Small Pendant

 Hippie Pendant
25 x 20mm

36mm = 11/2", 29mm = 13/8", 26mm = 1"
Pins have clutch backs. Pendants come on black satin cords with bead.

Dove Pin and Pendants

 Feathered Dove Pendant, 35mm

 Feathered Dove Pin, 35mm

 Modern Dove Pendant, 37mm

Measured tail to beak.

Peace and Dove Keyrings

 Lg Peace Keyring

 Med Peace Keyring

  Modern Dove Keyring

Keyrings have lanyard to clip onto purse, backpacks, zippers or dog collars.
Most pendants can be made into keyrings. Just ask me.

Peace Sign and Dove Earrings

 Large Peace Earrings

 Hippie Earrings
25 x 20mm

 Small Peace Earrings

  Small Gold-Plated Peace Earrings 20mm

Large earring 29mm=1"(size of a Quarter) Small earring 20mm=13/16" (size of a Nickel)
Large Peace Earring same item as Small Peace Pendant.
All Earrings have Surgical Steel Earwires (or Gold -Plated Surgical Steel)

 Floral Peace Earrings

 60's Dove Earrings

 Outline Dove Earrings

 Dove/Peace mix Earrings 20mm

 Silver-plated PeaceHeart Earrings 16mm

17mm = 9/16"(size of a dime) , 19mm = 3/4" (size of a penny), 20mm = 13/16" (size of a nickel)
Doves measured tail to beak. All Earrings have Surgical Steel Earwires

Christmas Ornaments 

Jewelry comes on cards and in 3x5" poly ziplock bags with hanging hole.

Card Backs

What we now call the Peace Symbol was originally designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom as the logo of
the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for its first major anti-nuclear march from London to Aldermaston.
Bertrand Russell was the president of the CND at the time and it was on that march, that the symbol
(five hundred lollipops on sticks) first appeared in public. The peace symbol crossed the Atlantic with Bayard Rustin,
a close associate of Martin Luther King, who took the symbol back to the U.S. for the Civil Rights marches and
later it appeared at anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. The symbol is now recognized around the world as a sign of peace.
Holtom explained that the symbol incorporates the semaphore letters "N"(uclear) and "D"(isarmament).
The Peace Symbol has deliberately never been copyrighted. No one has to pay or seek permission before they use it

The dove has been a symbol of peace and innocence for thousands of years in many different cultures.
In ancient Greek mythology it was a symbol of love and renewal of life. In ancient Japan a dove carrying a sword
symbolized the end of war. In the story of Noah and the Ark, when the rains that flooded the earth stopped,
Noah sent out various birds to see if they would bring back any sign of land to his boat.
One dove eventually returned carrying an olive branch. There was a tradition in Europe that if a dove flew around a
house where someone was dying then their soul would be at peace. And there are legends which say that the devil
can turn himself into any bird except for a dove. In Christian art, the dove was used to symbolize the Holy Ghost
and was often painted above Christ's head. But it was Pablo Picasso who made the dove a modern
symbol of peace when he used it on a poster for the World Peace Congress in 1949.
The poster inspired a new family of varied peace doves created by artists around the world.


*What is lead-free Pewter?
Pewter is primarily tin with other metals added for strength and hardness.
Lead was one of the added metals often used in old pewter.
Now that the dangers of lead are so well known, foundries in the US and Europe are using other alloys.
The pewter used in our jewelry contains 98% tin, with antimony, copper and silver and with trace amounts of various other metals.
Most of the jewelry parts are cast in Rhode Island. Some parts are imported from Greece.
Some findings (earwires, keyrings etc.) are from China and other countries.
Some items are nickel-plated, silver- plated or gold-plated. A few have an antiqued finish.
Most are a brightly polished, silver-colored Pewter.
All items are finished and packaged by me in California. I print the cards on my laser printer.
Peaceful Jewelry strives to practice healthy environmental and fair labor values.
For more detailed discussion of particular items, contact me.
Jan Edwards


Some of our Peaceful Customers:
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
Jeanette Rankin Peace Center
Positively Haight Street

Tara Thralls Designs
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
Green Party of California
Toujours of San Francisco

Monterey Peace and Justice Center
Bound to be Read Books
Fair World Gallery
Mendocino Art Center
Point Arena Lighthouse